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Open House Guidelines For Buyers

It’s true. Many buyers love to troll open houses when looking for a new home. It’s one of the best ways to get ideas and to get a real feel for the flow of a home. It can also be a great way to get an unscheduled look at a property they might be interested in.  

The agent holding the open, may not be the listing agent, which means that the sitting agent may be looking to be the buyer’s agent. If that’s the case, the sitting agent may evaluate each prospect that comes through the door to determine if they are worth pursuing.

A prospect comes through the door. He or she does not have a real estate agent with them. The sitting agent greets them and unknown to the prospect, the sitting agent may begin his or her interview process to determine if the prospect is a viable candidate for representation.

The sitting agent works with the prospect, and after a while, offers to show other properties if this one doesn’t work out for them.

“Oh. I’m already working with someone,” the prospect says.

Bad time to tell the sitting agent you are working with someone else.

Open House

Open House Guidelines For Buyers

The sitting agent may have established procuring cause, which means if buyer decides to buy that house, sitting agent is legally entitled to the commission, if procuring cause can be established.

According to Pearson  VUE,  procuring cause means “the broker’s efforts must have started an uninterrupted chain of events that resulted in the sale.”

If you are already working with a real estate agent, it is always best to let the sitting agent know right up front, and it’s even better to provide your Realtor’s business card at the same time.

We have a responsibility not to interfere in the relationship with another Realtor. Please help us to keep our oath by letting us know you already have a Realtor, the moment you walk through that door.

I’m a proud member of the National Association of Realtors®, The Arizona Association of Realtors®, The Phoenix Association of Realtors® and The Arizona Multiple Regional Listing Service.

I’m a graduate of the Bud Crawly School of Real Estate and a graduate of HomeSmart’s SmartLaunch program (an advanced real estate business and marketing program).

Whether you’re buying or selling, my mission is to deliver value and integrity in all my Real Estate activity.

Open House Guidelines For Buyers


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