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5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection

You might be tempted to waive an inspection maybe because the money is tight or you’re trying to negotiate a deal that will get you the house at a price that’s more affordable, but is it safe to waive the inspection?

Quick and simple answer: No.

Unless, of course, you know the property, followed the property and the owners over the years and are confident that the home was well taken care of, or you know what the problems are. That means you’re probably purchasing from a family member or a close friend. Even then I’d still get an inspection.

But if you’re like the rest of us, we’re buying homes that we’re not familiar with – in other words – we don’t know the history, and so anything could be possible.

“But they provide the SPDS,” you say. SPDS is short for Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement which is the document a seller completes that discloses all known issues, both existing and latent, to the best of their ability – and therein lies the rub.

It’s to the best of their ability. The best of their knowledge.

5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection

5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection


1.) There may be issues lurking about that the seller doesn’t know about.

I once had an inspector point out vertical wood beams that were not secured to the ground thereby causing a compromise in supporting a part of the patio. The seller had no idea and tt wasn’t obvious to the buyer, but the inspector caught it.

2.) Maybe it’s something the seller thinks is minor, but to you it’s major.

There’s a couple cracked tiles on the roof. No big deal to replace a couple of tiles, but an inspector may discover the underlayment needs to be replaced.

3.) Seller simply forgets to inform the buyer of an issue.

That happens sometimes, especially when one is living with an issue for long enough a period of time that it becomes natural or normal to them – kind of like living with interior steps.

4.) Then sometimes, there’s the memory of convenience – a deliberate oversight.

Let’s face it, who wants to invest in major repairs when you’re going to sell the house anyway.

5.) Seller has never lived on the property and has no knowledge of any defects.

This happens most often in cases where the house was flipped or was a rental for a long period of time.

Even if you’re purchasing a property you intend to rehab, it’s always a good idea to get the inspection done with hopes of minimizing your risks and said affects to the pocketbook.

5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection

Are inspections a guarantee?

Nope. But they sure help identify things you might not be able to see, like maybe asbestos, mold, termites, roofing issues, attic issues, insulation, plumbing, and the list goes on.

And there are all kinds of inspections to be done.

5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection


Generally, I like to start with the general home inspection. Based on that report and a discussion with the inspector, I might choose to have additional, more comprehensive inspections done, like roof, mold, pool, electrical, plumbing, etc.

There was a time in Phoenix when I thought termite inspections were a waste of time and money, because everything was block, but not anymore. I encourage starting with both the general and termite inspection every time. Termites have grown in breed and scope and now the slogan is: it’s not a matter of  if you have termites, it’s a matter of when.

If you’re considering the purchase of a home new to you, then invest in the inspection if for no other reason, than peace of mind. It’s worth the cost.

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I’m a graduate of the Bud Crawly School of Real Estate and a graduate of HomeSmart’s SmartLaunch program (an advanced real estate business and marketing program).

Whether you’re buying or selling, my mission is to deliver value and integrity in all my Real Estate activity.

5 Reasons Every Buyer Should Have a Home Inspection


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